Plateau Continent Eurithsu

Fifth largest continent, settled second last (as Marast) and later re-settled (as Eurithsu), currently serving as the planetary capital continent and local ILR center of operations.


Continent Overview

The continent now known as Eurithsu was originally settled as Marast by a small group of colonists led by a family of wolves. This small colonist group envisaged Marast as becoming a ‘natural’ place, sparsely colonized and with enough wilderness areas to wander in and explore. This was seen as a romantic (and exciting) initiative by the residents of the other continents but also not something serious. Since the exploration of Strata primarily involved lifeless barren plateau continents there was relatively little danger, and exploration was not a risky or exciting prospect.

Progress with the terraformation of Marast was relatively quick due to experience working with the previous four continents, and to a lesser extent because the target was only enough conversion to maintain a biosphere, not full cultivation, and no significant earthworks. Great effort was made to conceal pipelines as much as possible (usually buried) and to use natural waterways. This turned out to speed rather than slow the project. A sign of this approach (which was later embraced) was the need for many small pumping outposts around the midlands of Marast, each feeding one pipeline network which was built to work with the existing geographical features (creating river valleys or lakes, etc). This became a labor of love for many, perfecting the terraformation techniques used on Strata (and still in progress on Avadur).

After Strata’s formal hand-over to the ILR the new planetary administration chose to sidestep the problem of continental independence by selecting a new continent as the capitol. The ILR selected Marast, declaring that was a phase one, and over-colonised it. This was due to numbers, Marast was the smallest continent excluding Nayect but still significantly larger than Nayect and with a lower population density (though higher actual population); therefore the continent choice with the lowest possible outcry and opposition. The original Marast settlers found themselves increasingly marginalized and eventually living in the midlands around their own continent. Renaming the continent Eurithsu the ILR quickly established it as a ‘neutral and impartial planetary capital’, declaring that Relael could not be impartial in this role. To consolidate power, those (former) planetary government personnel who supported this move were integrated into the new system, while those that opposed the change were excluded. This included those who protested the over-colonisation of Marast.

Chronologically Marast was settled before Nayect, and some of the concealed terraformation techniques used on Marast were employed on Nayect. Nayect predates the change to Eurithsu and has resulted in dispute over the ‘official’ colonization order.

The re-imagined continent was transformed into a garden continent, keeping some areas of wilderness as ‘natural borders’ between sculptured garden areas. Manors and lands became the standard, with small but luxurious villages and towns for the upper class and ruling so-called ‘nobility’.

Meanwhile Marast lived on in a form, those now dwelling in the midlands controlled the water supply to the highlands of Eurithsu, but lacked the power to defend themselves militarily should they choose to exercise that power. Similarly they soon found themselves dependent on the food supply from the highlands of Eurithsu, creating a tense and unfriendly balance of power.

Controversy over Colonisation Order

Chronologically Marast was settled before Nayect, and some of the concealed terraformation techniques used on Marast were employed on Nayect. Nayect predates the change to Eurithsu and has resulted in dispute over the ‘official’ colonization order.

People of Eurithsu

People of Eurithsu favour luxury items and produce, and what limited industry and agriculture they have is dedicated to these areas. A paradoxically high amount of crafted items from Nayect are imported by Eurithsu, for example. Displays of wealth, status, rank, and family prestige are a high priority to People of Eurithsu, as are the latest fashions. Politics permeates all levels of society on Eurithsu, so factions and allegiances are paramount; however these sometimes shift as often as the fashions.

This is particularly true for the upper classes in Eurithsu, and to a lesser extend the middle and lower classes who live in the highlands of the continent.

People of Marast

People of Marast has become a catch-all term for the descendants of the original Marast colonization effort and to later colonists from Eurithsu who now live primarily in the midlands. Like other midlands denizens, People of Marast dress for the cold and wet. However unlike the midlands dwellers of other continents those these prefer to avoid the technological aids used elsewhere. This is partly due to a relative lack of resources, and partly the original Marast ideology.

Due to the displacement there is a distrust of outsiders, and as a result a strong preference for locally made items, or things that they can improvise for their needs. When that isn’t an option, getting the job done and affordability are usually the features People of Marast look to first.


Continent History



Major Settlements

  • Malanrion, The Shining City. New planetary capital city, and ILR center of operations.
  • Marassa, The City of Exiles. Collective name for the midlands settlements of Eurithsu still loyal to the legacy of Marast.




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