Naddakra, The Place of Beginnings. Naddakra was built in the highlands and was the original colony on Strata. Of the three cities on Relael, Naddakra is located the furthest ‘inland’ from the fog, this necessitated construction of a satellite colony for water mining from the midlands. Until the government move to Eurithsu Naddakra was the capital city of Strata.

The highlands portion of the city is constrained by an artificial border in the form of the continent’s oldest farm lands. Possession of this land, in the form of large tracts, is jealously guarded by the descendants of the original owners. Due to this, the city expanded outwards towards the fog, until it reached the border formed from farms along the water pipeline to from the water mining operations.

Naddakra was more constrained for growth than Athaja and Besheni, however remained the oldest city and the capitol. The quality of living in Naddakra is notably higher than the other cities, in large part since the entire city is in the highlands. Naddakra is the political and financial center of Relael, despite both Athaja and Besheni having overtaken the first city in population and industrial output. Relael is also the primary transport hub for Relael and in particular agricultural goods.

The industry base of Naddakra is best described as ‘foundation’, starting with what the planetary colony needed and now what Relael needs, with an emphasis on elements of mass systems such as continent wide cargo-rail and passenger-rail network. Many of the oldest corporations on Strata perpetuate themselves by maintaining these original networks, with it being too difficult and expensive to transition to newer systems and other suppliers.

It is also a mark of prestige for corporations to maintain a head office in Naddakra even if the bulk of their operations is in Athaja and Besheni, though this is largely a deliberate social engineering strategy to foster and maintain this tradition, and a lot of younger and smaller corporations in the other cities are bucking the trend. Additionally, most of the agricultural corporations do business via Naddakra, from water purchasing through to produce shipping. Even the primary water shipping operations of Athaja and Besheni are coordinated through the continental piping network which is managed from Naddakra.


City Description

Naddakra is among the most conventional of cities upon Strata, since it is built in the highlands and has no need to adapt to the fog. Due to equal parts forward planning and luck, sufficient space was set aside for political infrastructure and financial infrastructure so that the rest of the city could be organised around it.

This early urban planning success has led to a centralized political quarter, financial quarter and cultural quarter. These are discrete circular suburbs (arranged as a triangle with the others) and surrounded by gardens and parks. This central core is surrounded by a ring of commercial districts, containing the most prestigious corporate headquarters, and further out mixed industrial and residential areas.

The Political Quarter

The political quarter serves as the seat of government for the continent, with the continental parliament complex on one side of an ornamental lake facing the now empty planetary government complex on the far side. Despite the planetary government move to Eurithsu, the original facilities are maintained but unused as a matter of pride, or a perpetual rebuke.

The quarter includes ambassadorial residences and offices for the other continents, which remain in use mainly for organizing trade and commerce. It also includes residences and facilities for the continent’s political class to operate from, further serving to cement the cities prestige and its place as the continental capitol.

Somewhat overlooked in the political quarter are the Continental Court of Relael and the City Court of Naddakra. Although there are many other court houses throughout the city, the supreme courts for both the continent and the city are physically located in Naddakra. The Planetary Court of Strata however was relocated to Eurithsu, with the physical facilities having been part of the planetary government complex, and currently maintained but not in use.

The Financial Quarter

The financial quarter is home to the banking and financial institutions of Relael and of Strata in general. Also interplanetary banking, including financial ties to the ILR are maintained through the financial quarter. Only financial institutions are permitted to operate out of this area

The Cultural Quarter

The cultural quarter (wip)

The Commercial Ring

The commercial ring (wip)


Media and Entertainment

Most media produced in Naddakra focuses on either political drama, legal drama, or corporate drama. Soap operas dealing with (never ending) inter-corporate politics are a particular specialty, as are ‘rise to riches’ personal and corporate struggle shows.




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